The University of Glasgow states that it values:


We know that it’s possible to be in the world’s top 1% of universities without being elitist. Being part of Glasgow isn’t about fitting some sort of criteria. It’s about what you want to achieve and who you want to be. We embrace diversity, and we value and respect the contributions of all of our colleagues and students.

We say:

Removing the Open Programme and Certificate of Higher Education will exclude people – both current and future students – from the university, making the university less diverse and more elitist.

The Senior Management of the university is imposing on staff and students the criteria for its future vision. This vision is of a narrower university that will focus on business, technology and international recruitment– this means cutting departments that don’t fit.

The Senior Management and the University’s Court are not listening to staff, students or the people of Glasgow.  They misrepresent and discount our achievements. They ignore who we want to be.

If the Senior Management and the University’s court really respect the contributions of all their staff and students they would:

  • allow democratic governance of the University
  • have met with staff to consider the future before enforcing the ‘consultation’
  • allow greater staff and student representation on the consultation panels
  • allow a longer, more realistic time-frame for consultation