“Amongst other blessings which mortal man is able in this transient life by the gift of God to obtain, it is to be reckoned not among the least, that by assiduous study he may win the pearl of knowledge, which shows him the way to live well and happily, and by the preciousness thereof makes the man of learning far to surpass the unlearned, and opens the door for him clearly to understand the mysteries of the Universe, helps the ignorant, and raises to distinction those that were born in the lowest place.” Pope Nicholas V, from The Papal Bull, 1451.

About us

We are a growing group consisting of:

  • former and current students who have benefited from the provision of Adult Education at the University of Glasgow
  • concerned members of the community

We strongly oppose the proposals put forward by the University’s Management to dismantle the Open Programme and Certificate of Higher Education (CertHE) provision.

We believe that the manner in which these proposals have been put forward and the resultant consultation process is:

  • undemocratic
  • against the University’s core value of openness

We believe that Senior Management’s plan goes against:

  • the founding principals as set out in the Papal Bull over 550 years ago
  • the University’s commitment to Widening Participation
  • the University’s commitment to lifelong learning
  • the University’s standing in the community

Community Spirit – What You Can Do

Adult and Continuing Education is about engaging with the community.  Adult and Continuing Education’s programme allows all of us to study at the university, not only those enrolled on undergraduate or postgraduate degree courses. The Senior Management of Glasgow University appears to believe that the Open Programme and CertHE provision does not fit with their 2020 Vision (link to 2020 vision).  In fact, they are right, these programmes do not fit with their vision because their vision forgets the community, an essential ingredient of what university is all about:  The origin of ‘University’ can be traced to the Latin universitas ‘the whole,’  and in late Latin ‘society, guild,’ from universus.

We believe that the people of Glasgow will fight for their right to lifelong learning at Glasgow University. People who live in Glasgow have a strong sense of community. Scotland has a long tradition of democratic education. We all deserve a right to access quality education, whatever our background or experience. Adult and Continuing Education currently provides us with that right.  If you agree that Adult and Continuing Education must be retained, please join our campaign by:

Taking action:

Keeping all our concerns in the public-eye:

Keeping up-to-date on the campaign:

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