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Current and former students of the Department of Adult and Continuing Education, University of Glasgow, fighting to keep access to varied, high quality education available to Glasgow

So life goes on…the DACE Open Programme Brochure 2011/12 is now available!

Save DACE urges you to support the Department by signing up NOW! You can obtain a copy of the brochure by contacting DACE.  You can also view available courses online. Many of you have already enrolled for the Cert in … Continue reading

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The Great Hand Over

By Gillean McDougall It was a wild and stormy day, the day of the Great Hand Over, Monday 4th April. After the hectic weeks of the Save DACE campaign collecting as many signatures and testimonies as possible, three of us … Continue reading

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Funding Places Explained

By Mairghread McLundie Funded Places At the Consultation meetings, it was stressed that part of the ‘cost’ of DACE was the portion of ‘funded places’ associated with Adult and Continuing Education, which the university might wish to transfer to other … Continue reading

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DACE – A Public Health Duty

Adult and continuing education is many things but it is, importantly, a health issue. Glasgow and the West of Scotland suffer high levels of morbidity and mortality for reasons that are complex and historical. Consequently, the response to our health … Continue reading

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Tom Leonard Speaks Out “I admire the spirit of students fighting these cuts”

The “quality control” business model has in the past thirty years been increasingly accepted by succeeding UK governments as the template for public service funding: there is a plimsoll line in any hierarchical institution, above which management strive to increase … Continue reading

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“I doubt that I would be a writer at all were it not for DACE” – Liz Lochhead, Scotland’s National Poet

I am genuinely incredulous that the University is thinking of discontinuing its Department of Adult and Continuing Education. What kind of University does not wish — for the sake of its own health and vitality apart from that of the … Continue reading

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DACE Makes A £1.5m Profit – And SMG Want To Shut It Down

A recent Freedom of Information request has revealed that DACE: turns over £5.2 million contributes to central University overheads £1,482,000, up a quarter of a million or 20% on the previous year (AND that’s achieved during a recession) This is … Continue reading

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