End of an era…we hope!

Save DACE signals closure of website and Facebook group in view of
positive result

Dear friends, many of you will by now have embarked on a course of study in 2011/12 with Glasgow University DACE as students of the CertHEd or Open programmes. Perhaps you supported us because of links with another department, or as a former student. It’s a pleasure to write to you now and share a quiet, celebratory moment. We Saved DACE!

The University is implementing many new structures in this academic year,
and DACE is already reviewing its online presence in the hope of improving access and information for students and others. So it’s clear that our job is done, and that in view of the University’s commitment to DACE’s continuing existence, any web content and feedback opportunities would be better provided by the University itself.

We will not be posting any further news or comments ourselves, on either
the Save DACE website or Facebook, although you will still be able to post comments until 31st December 2011. Are you happy with provision of courses in 2011/12? Do you feel that DACE have publicised their programmes adequately? Are classes running to your satisfaction and encouraging you to enrol again in future? All comments will be moderated and passed on to DACE, and we urge all of you to be as outspoken and committed as you have been in the past.

Save DACE is now officially resting…until required to regroup in the face of any future threat of closure.

Thanks once again for all your support – we couldn’t have done it without you,

The Save DACE team


About savedace

Musician, actor and writer based in Glasgow
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2 Responses to End of an era…we hope!

  1. David Wardrop says:

    Actually there is one thing I am concerned about and that is lack of attendance for one day courses. I won’t give details but a class I was going to attend was cancelled because not enough people attended. So often I wonder where everybody is.

  2. T.Y. says:

    Hello Save DACE, will DACE continue to have a Facebook presence? I think it would be a great way of getting info from/to Dace.

    Well done!

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