So life goes on…the DACE Open Programme Brochure 2011/12 is now available!

Save DACE urges you to support the Department by signing up NOW!

You can obtain a copy of the brochure by contacting DACE.  You can also view available courses online.

Many of you have already enrolled for the Cert in Higher Education, but Save DACE would like to urge you to support the Open Programme and the Department by signing up for one of the many other courses on offer. DACE have acknowledged that the level of support given via the petition, testimonies and Save DACE website has been a considerable factor in forcing the University to change its mind and retain this vital provision – so continue your support by attending classes and really making the student voice heard as DACE reshapes itself for the future.

It’s vital that channels of communication are opened to ensure that the University hears the views of its students. As part of this renewed effort, DACE is actively seeking student volunteers to be class representatives either for subject areas or just for the specific course(s) you might be taking for 2011/12. For further information, please contact Angela McDonald at DACE. Email, or leave a message with the Information Centre on 0141 330 1835.

The Save DACE website and Facebook page will be winding down their presence from the start of the new term and the Department will take over, we hope, with an enhanced website and Facebook page.

The new term will be challenging, and a time of change for DACE. We’re sure that you will support them as fully as possible. After all, we did it! Now help them to do it!


About savedace

Current and former students of the Department of Adult and Continuing Education, University of Glasgow, fighting to keep access to varied, high quality education available to Glasgow
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One Response to So life goes on…the DACE Open Programme Brochure 2011/12 is now available!

  1. Rosemary Wilkinson says:

    Well said, let’s sign on and encourage friends to sign on or attend a Day School. Just for the record – I have.

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