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DACE are happy to confirm that Court approved the Panel’s recommendations at their meeting on Wednesday 22nd June, and have released to us the following email sent to DACE staff. SaveDACE send you all the biggest vote of thanks for helping to save the Department, but we must remain vigilant to the concerns outlined below. And never, EVER take this facility for granted!

Email sent on 23rd June on behalf of:

Bob Davis, Head of the School of Educational Studies
Robert Hamilton, Director of the Open Programme
David Newall, Secretary of Court

“The University Court today approved the recommendations of the consultation panel on the future of the Open Programme, strongly supporting the core recommendation that the Programme should continue, but with a review of the business model.

The Panel’s recommendations also involve the Programme becoming a central University commitment, to be run from University Services rather than the School of Education. This recommendation has been considered by David Newall, Robert Hamilton and Bob Davis, and each of us is concerned to ensure that we manage the transition to the new organisational arrangements carefully and in a way that will avoid any disruption to the Open Programme. We are therefore proposing that there will be no sudden change on 1 August and that, as we move into Session 2011/12, the organisational arrangements for the Open Programme should continue as at present.

Early in the new session, we will conduct a review of the business model, as Court has asked. We will be consulting with staff who are involved in the delivery of the Open Programme, and we will aim to conclude the review by December 2011. We expect to be in touch by the end of September to clarify how the review is being conducted and to invite your inputs.

This has been a difficult year for staff involved in delivering the Open Programme, and there is clearly still a challenge ahead in responding to the financial recommendations from the Consultation Panel. However, the consultation has demonstrated just how much the Open Programme is valued, and it has led to a clear commitment from the University Court to maintain a successful Open Programme. We look forward to discussing with you how we will all build on that commitment.”

DACE staff would like to add:

“We at DACE would like to say how delighted we are both with the Panel’s positive report, which acknowledged the commitment of both our students and staff to the Open Programme, and with Court’s decision to stand by the Panel’s recommendations for our future development. Our CertHE brochure is already out, and we’re currently working on our main brochure with details of all our courses which should be out in August. This year we will also be announcing a new suite of summer courses in line with our plans to expand our provision.

We hope that all our students will join us in celebrating this most positive outcome. We’d like to thank all our students once again for showing us such unwavering and dedicated support. We can all look forward to a bright future for adult education at the University of Glasgow.


Remember, SaveDACE is YOUR forum. As DACE adapts to its new future, the student body will be vital in its support. We need your input now more than ever. Please make your responses on the ‘Suggestions’ page, and thanks to those of you who’ve visited so far.


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2 Responses to RESULT!!!

  1. savedace says:

    That’s excellent news, David! Some of us have already signed up for the next course in our Cert HigherEd in Creative Writing and look forward to the new Open Programme brochure being released, especially the details of a new summer programme!

  2. David Wardrop says:

    Great to hear this news and a big thanks to the dedication of everybody involved. I will be taking many classes next year.

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