Message of thanks from DACE

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DACE have sent out the following message to Save DACE and all supporters of the campaign :

“Dear all,

Many of you will have heard by now from the press and elsewhere that the consultation panel have recommended that the Open Programme should not be withdrawn. We are naturally delighted with this recommendation, which will go for approval to Court on June 22nd. We wish to thank all of you for your tremendous support during the consultation period.

You should be aware that we are seeking clarification on a number of points in the report and in particular are opposing the recommendation to remove the public funding from the programme. The full report and our response are attached. We will keep you up to date with future developments. Once again many thanks for your great efforts on behalf of adult education.

We look forward to the future.

Best wishes,

DACE staff.”

The full consultation report on the future of the Department is here :

Open _Programme_Consultation_Report_26april11 (1)

On Wednesday 22nd June the recommendations of the consultation panels will go to the University Court for approval. DACE staff support much of the report, but are fighting the proposed cuts in funding. Here’s their response :

Academic Shape Consultation

We’ll post further information as we receive it. And remember, this is YOUR forum. We need your ideas to survive! Please make your responses on the ‘Suggestions’ page, and thanks to those of you who’ve visited so far.


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