Future of SaveDACE website and FB page?

NB – please post responses to this article via the SUGGESTIONS tab on the menu bar!

Another, and very specific question for you as we await the outcome of the University’s meetings, and final confirmation of DACE’s future. What would YOU like to see from the website and Facebook page?

There is scope for development of the existing website and FB facilities to help DACE move forward (firmly aligned with the University’s vision!)

Who should caretake the website/FB facility? Should it be left to students (difficult, and how to represent fairly and fully the whole range of courses covered?) And should the Facebook page be student-run, or revert to DACE itself as an information source?

We’d appreciate if, this week, you’d confine your suggestions to this area only, by posting on the ‘Suggestions’ tab above. Thanks, as ever, for your help and support.


About savedace

Musician, actor and writer based in Glasgow
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One Response to Future of SaveDACE website and FB page?

  1. David Wardrop says:

    Does it have to be Facebook? Is there not some other thing/place DACE stuff can be posted?

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