21st Century DACE?

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Here’s a question. The University acknowledged in its recent response to the consultation process that the energies and opinions generated by the SaveDACE Facebook group and Website were very much responsible for the favourable outcome of their recommendations.

So, in the sure and certain hope that DACE will thrive and prosper throughout the process of change, what do YOU think the functions of FB and Website should be now?

Should SaveDACE give way to YourDACE? A Facebook page run by DACE seems to make sense. What would you like to see included? News of courses? Opportunities to get together with fellow students? Info about University departments and initiatives that can tie in with DACE studies?

This is your forum. We need your ideas to survive! Please make your responses on the ‘Suggestions’ page, and thanks to those of you who’ve visited so far.


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3 Responses to 21st Century DACE?

  1. Rosemary Wilkinson says:

    Personally I don’t really ‘do’ Facebook but would happily visit an orthodox website. We need both, so that we can keep in touch, especially over the summer vacation, and also have somewhere to direct other interested people.
    DACE will only flourish if people sign up for courses and dayschools and I think those of us who care about DACE will have to become ambassadors. An informative website with links to information on future courses will help.
    I would see the sites with opportunities to find information on courses, suggest future developments and alert people to future threats to DACE. If necessary (and I hope it won’t arise) we would also have a focus for another effort.

  2. David Wardrop says:

    I’m still a little confused over what is happening or should that be what is going to happen. One thing I would love to see are classes about nature, the great thing about these being you do not need to be in a classroom. I realise that there are already nature classes Investigating insects, Birdsong identification, Native Wildflowers. But there could be lot more on the conservation side and how to help nature improve our gardens to be more wildlife friendly.

  3. Gordon Asher says:

    Simply – yes

    The energies and opportunities reflected in and by the website/fb represent exactly the kind of educational community and engagement with the wider public that speak to DACE’s and the university’s public democratic mission.

    Hopefully this can continue to inform and engage with the work of DACE.

    In addition to the constructive proposals already made:
    – one suggestion would be that it is a possible route for discovering what new courses there might be demand for (and indeed people to teach them)?

    – I think the opportunities to bring students (and staff) together would also be invaluable (perhaps learning lessons from the very successful projects in Learning in Later Life at Sclyde Uni?)

    – there will be a need to continue to fight cuts and other measures of privatisation and managerialism etc at Glasgow Uni and beyond – and further to fight for the different type of university and education we know is necessary. A continued DACE project like this could also speak to continuing these struggles?

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