Message from SaveDACE to DACE supporters

We hope that by now most of you will have seen the University’s 10-point consultation process document, as well as yesterday’s media coverage of the Panel’s report re DACE’s future. It’s good to hear influential voices like those of Liz Lochhead and the Astronomer Royal welcoming the new proposals.

The University acknowledges that OUR voices, too, were responsible for their recommendations. But it doesn’t stop here.

Just a few of us run the SaveDACE site, and we don’t want to put words in your mouth. We have a huge sense of relief that commonsense appears to have won through, AND we also have some questions about the specific proposals.

Do you feel the same? What do you support? What would you challenge? What questions do you have? Or is it all over, and should we just relax?

Most importantly of all, do you agree with us that a stronger student voice in future would help DACE develop and avoid another crisis like this one?

Let us know what you think via the ‘Suggestions’ page!


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One Response to Message from SaveDACE to DACE supporters

  1. Rosemary Wilkinson says:

    If DACE does become a separate unit (I gather departments are out) then it will presumably have some sort of governing board/committee. I would like to propose that a number of student representatives be elected/selected for this board.

    Perhaps at least one representative for the certificate courses and at least one for the DACE courses as a minimum would be appropriate, depending on the size of the board. Representatives for ACCESS courses would be less appropriate as I understand that these are essentially 1 year courses. Although the other courses are 1 or sometimes 2 year courses, many students have enrolled in DACE for years and would have more experience and commitment.

    I know that we have scope for suggesting new courses on some course evaluation forms but perhaps these too could be put to students so that support for proposed new courses could be canvassed. After all, if we have more viable courses then our fixed costs will be spread more thinly.

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