10 Recommendations for DACE’s future

Following last week’s brief announcement we now have the Consultation Panel’s recommendations for the Open Programmes following a leak via Glasgow Uni Occupied’s Facebook page (the text is also included at the end of this post).


Having contacted the University, they have naturally expressed disappointment that this information has emerged in advance of comment from those most directly affected (and from the University Court). However they have confirmed the accuracy of what has been published.

We respect this, but believe a much wider constituency has a genuine interest in DACE’s future and that this openness is healthy.

Share your initial reactions to these proposals by making a comment on the new SUGGESTIONS section of this website (see new tab above).

We will work to clarify whatever else we can this week.

From Glasgow Uni Occupied’s Facebook page :

Executive Summary

A proposal was submitted to Court to consider withdrawing from some or all Open Programmes courses and the associated Certificate in Higher Education on the basis that they did not fit with the University’s strategy. The Panel conducted a comprehensive consultation exercise, inviting input from a range of parties both internal to the University and external. It has also benefited from receipt of the many submissions to the Principal and to the Head of College. The Panel met with the Head of the College, with the School of Education Executive, and with the senior staff associated with the Open Programme to take evidence as well as holding open meetings with staff teaching on the programmes and students undertaking the programmes: 4 meetings with each of these constituencies were held including in the evening. A meeting was also held with the SRC.

Summary of recommendations The core recommendation of the Panel to SMG and to Court is that the University continues to provide courses through the Open Programme but that it establishes a robust business model, and accompanying business plan, to enable this to be achieved (by end December 2011 at the latest) with implementation commencing no later than summer 2012. The business model should incorporate all of the recommendations made in this report.

An integrated marketing strategy should be developed, raising the profile of the Open Programme and establishing a strong public-facing identity, no later than January 2012. This should include a coherent pricing strategy which recognises the diversity of the student body and includes appropriate recognition for ILA200 purposes.

In taking forward the development and marketing of the Open Programme in the timescales identified attention should be given to significantly improving the understanding of the Open Programme within the University, its integration with the rest of the University, and identifying and developing synergies.

The Open Programme should be developed to include inter alia a programme of Summer School activities for visitors to Glasgow and Scotland as well as to local residents, ideally for offer from summer 2012.

The current arrangements for programme management should be revised to ensure that appropriate threshold numbers for individual courses are identified and kept to.

The credit rating of the CertHE courses should be reviewed prior to the start of AY 2012/13 to ensure alignment within a coherent framework and consistent with the existing arrangements implemented in the rest of the University.

The T grant support for the Open Programme should be phased out such that the Open Programme becomes self-supporting from fees charged with minimal or, ideally, no support from the T grant as early as possible and no later than the third year of the business plan.

The Open Programme should be kept as a single unit rather than broken into its subject components.

An independent, self-supporting unit should be established within University Services with effect from 1 August 2011. The business model should define the future shape of the Open Programme core team and should include appropriate arrangements for leadership and management of the Programme.

The Access programmes should continue to be offered alongside the Open Programme with shared leadership and administrative support.



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One Response to 10 Recommendations for DACE’s future

  1. Stuart says:

    And just as you’d expect. More expensive management nonsense, increased pricing, ‘marketing’, withdrawal of funding. Glasgow deserves far, far better than these egoists playing at being business big shots. Please, go and work in the Private sector if you want to excercise this kind of intransigence. Maybe they’d appreciate it, but I don’t think it’s at all appropriate for a charitable institution to be behaving in this way.

    The childish political shenanigans of the last few months have been a disgrace. And the outcome looks designed to cause maximum inconvenience to those on the ground. People actually getting on with teaching and learning.

    This is only the beginning. These people will destroy DACE through sheer bloody mindenness if they are allowed to.

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