CR&DALL Seminar, 23 May, free, register online!

Professor Alan B. Knox – University of Wisconsin


Innovation and Change in Adult Education Organisations
Professor Knox will lead a discussion of innovation and change which will include reference to the following:  

  • Interconnected influences related to persons, groups, organizations and society that warrant attention to intervention.

  • Analysis of reflective leadership and organizational innovation.

  • Guidelines for successful program proposals to enable mutually beneficial cooperation by multiple stakeholders.

  • Strategies for comparative analysis to assess how collaborative efforts work and could be enabled to work better by emphasis on benefits to multiple stakeholders.


Alan B. Knox, is Professor of continuing education at the School of Education, University of Wisconsin, USA. Dr. Knox is well known globally for his teaching, administration, research,editing, publications, association leadership, and international comparative education projects. Topics of his books include: adult development and learning, helping adults learn, leadership strategies, global perspectives on synergistic leadership, and evaluation for continuing education.

This spring, Professor Knox is teaching a graduate seminar on ‘Reflective Leadership’ in the UW School of Education, Department of Educational Leadership. He is also affiliated with the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, Office of Continuing Professional Development. In addition to assistance with professional development projects in Wisconsin and the United States, he is engaged in planning and evaluation for several international projects, such as:

         A five year collaboration by four US medical Schools and four medical schools in Ethiopia regarding preparatory and continuing education of physicians and related health professionals to increase availability and effectiveness of local and regional health care in Ethiopia.

         An international two year project focused on university collaboration for regional economic development to assist public administrators deal with regional challenges such as employment, health, and education.

         A long term effort by a health profession association that has long provided outstanding professional development services to members in North America, and is now responding to opportunities for collaboration with corresponding associations in Europe and in Asia.

In addition to conducting the CRADALL Seminar on Innovation in the afternoon of Monday, May 23, Dr. Knox welcomes other opportunities to meet with scholars and practitioners interested in lifelong learning opportunities for adults, during his current visit to Scotland. Individual conversations or meetings during May 22-27, can be arranged – which could occur by phone if this suits. Conversations and meetings can include exploration of mutually beneficial future efforts

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Questions and discussion are encouraged as part of the Seminar..

While the CR&DALL Seminar Series is free and open to all, we do ask that you register in order to allow us to plan accommodation and refreshments. Places are available on a first-come-first-served basis. If you intend to come along to the Seminar please e-mail us at and provide your name, institution/department (if appropriate) and a daytime contact telephone number (in case of cancellation).

Thank you.


Room 614, School of Education, University of Glasgow, St. Andrew’s Building, Eldon St.
GLASGOW G3 6NH 0141 330 1833


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