End of an era…we hope!

Save DACE signals closure of website and Facebook group in view of
positive result

Dear friends, many of you will by now have embarked on a course of study in 2011/12 with Glasgow University DACE as students of the CertHEd or Open programmes. Perhaps you supported us because of links with another department, or as a former student. It’s a pleasure to write to you now and share a quiet, celebratory moment. We Saved DACE!

The University is implementing many new structures in this academic year,
and DACE is already reviewing its online presence in the hope of improving access and information for students and others. So it’s clear that our job is done, and that in view of the University’s commitment to DACE’s continuing existence, any web content and feedback opportunities would be better provided by the University itself.

We will not be posting any further news or comments ourselves, on either
the Save DACE website or Facebook, although you will still be able to post comments until 31st December 2011. Are you happy with provision of courses in 2011/12? Do you feel that DACE have publicised their programmes adequately? Are classes running to your satisfaction and encouraging you to enrol again in future? All comments will be moderated and passed on to DACE, and we urge all of you to be as outspoken and committed as you have been in the past.

Save DACE is now officially resting…until required to regroup in the face of any future threat of closure.

Thanks once again for all your support – we couldn’t have done it without you,

The Save DACE team

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Have YOU booked your place yet?

Still time to sign up for a DACE course in session 2011/12!

Cert in Higher Education and Open Programme


DACE supporters have done us proud, courses are filling up fast, but there’s still time to enrol. Places are still available on some courses, but with teaching starting soon, please book immediately to avoid disappointment. Follow the links to the brochures (above) or phone/email.

Further details: telephone – 0141 330 1835
or email dace-query@educ.gla.ac.uk
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DACE event at Waterstone’s Glasgow!

Support DACE by coming along for a nosey…meet some of the staff, explore some of the courses…you might surprise yourself!

 University of Glasgow Adult & Continuing Education Open Event

Saturday, 27 August 2011, 12:00-15:00

Come in and see us to learn more about the wide range of part-time daytime and evening courses we have an offer. Over 300 courses, day school and study tours from art to Egyptology.To request a brochure telephone – 0141 330 1829 For general enquiries telephone – 0141 330 1835Or email dace-query@educ.gla.ac.uk

Further details: 0141 332 9105 (Waterstone’s)
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So life goes on…the DACE Open Programme Brochure 2011/12 is now available!

Save DACE urges you to support the Department by signing up NOW!

You can obtain a copy of the brochure by contacting DACE.  You can also view available courses online.

Many of you have already enrolled for the Cert in Higher Education, but Save DACE would like to urge you to support the Open Programme and the Department by signing up for one of the many other courses on offer. DACE have acknowledged that the level of support given via the petition, testimonies and Save DACE website has been a considerable factor in forcing the University to change its mind and retain this vital provision – so continue your support by attending classes and really making the student voice heard as DACE reshapes itself for the future.

It’s vital that channels of communication are opened to ensure that the University hears the views of its students. As part of this renewed effort, DACE is actively seeking student volunteers to be class representatives either for subject areas or just for the specific course(s) you might be taking for 2011/12. For further information, please contact Angela McDonald at DACE. Email angela.mcdonald@glasgow.ac.uk, or leave a message with the Information Centre on 0141 330 1835.

The Save DACE website and Facebook page will be winding down their presence from the start of the new term and the Department will take over, we hope, with an enhanced website and Facebook page.

The new term will be challenging, and a time of change for DACE. We’re sure that you will support them as fully as possible. After all, we did it! Now help them to do it!

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NB – please post responses to this article via the SUGGESTIONS tab on the menu bar!

DACE are happy to confirm that Court approved the Panel’s recommendations at their meeting on Wednesday 22nd June, and have released to us the following email sent to DACE staff. SaveDACE send you all the biggest vote of thanks for helping to save the Department, but we must remain vigilant to the concerns outlined below. And never, EVER take this facility for granted!

Email sent on 23rd June on behalf of:

Bob Davis, Head of the School of Educational Studies
Robert Hamilton, Director of the Open Programme
David Newall, Secretary of Court

“The University Court today approved the recommendations of the consultation panel on the future of the Open Programme, strongly supporting the core recommendation that the Programme should continue, but with a review of the business model.

The Panel’s recommendations also involve the Programme becoming a central University commitment, to be run from University Services rather than the School of Education. This recommendation has been considered by David Newall, Robert Hamilton and Bob Davis, and each of us is concerned to ensure that we manage the transition to the new organisational arrangements carefully and in a way that will avoid any disruption to the Open Programme. We are therefore proposing that there will be no sudden change on 1 August and that, as we move into Session 2011/12, the organisational arrangements for the Open Programme should continue as at present.

Early in the new session, we will conduct a review of the business model, as Court has asked. We will be consulting with staff who are involved in the delivery of the Open Programme, and we will aim to conclude the review by December 2011. We expect to be in touch by the end of September to clarify how the review is being conducted and to invite your inputs.

This has been a difficult year for staff involved in delivering the Open Programme, and there is clearly still a challenge ahead in responding to the financial recommendations from the Consultation Panel. However, the consultation has demonstrated just how much the Open Programme is valued, and it has led to a clear commitment from the University Court to maintain a successful Open Programme. We look forward to discussing with you how we will all build on that commitment.”

DACE staff would like to add:

“We at DACE would like to say how delighted we are both with the Panel’s positive report, which acknowledged the commitment of both our students and staff to the Open Programme, and with Court’s decision to stand by the Panel’s recommendations for our future development. Our CertHE brochure is already out, and we’re currently working on our main brochure with details of all our courses which should be out in August. This year we will also be announcing a new suite of summer courses in line with our plans to expand our provision.

We hope that all our students will join us in celebrating this most positive outcome. We’d like to thank all our students once again for showing us such unwavering and dedicated support. We can all look forward to a bright future for adult education at the University of Glasgow.


Remember, SaveDACE is YOUR forum. As DACE adapts to its new future, the student body will be vital in its support. We need your input now more than ever. Please make your responses on the ‘Suggestions’ page, and thanks to those of you who’ve visited so far.

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Message of thanks from DACE

NB – please post responses to this article via the SUGGESTIONS tab on the menu bar!

DACE have sent out the following message to Save DACE and all supporters of the campaign :

“Dear all,

Many of you will have heard by now from the press and elsewhere that the consultation panel have recommended that the Open Programme should not be withdrawn. We are naturally delighted with this recommendation, which will go for approval to Court on June 22nd. We wish to thank all of you for your tremendous support during the consultation period.

You should be aware that we are seeking clarification on a number of points in the report and in particular are opposing the recommendation to remove the public funding from the programme. The full report and our response are attached. We will keep you up to date with future developments. Once again many thanks for your great efforts on behalf of adult education.

We look forward to the future.

Best wishes,

DACE staff.”

The full consultation report on the future of the Department is here :

Open _Programme_Consultation_Report_26april11 (1)

On Wednesday 22nd June the recommendations of the consultation panels will go to the University Court for approval. DACE staff support much of the report, but are fighting the proposed cuts in funding. Here’s their response :

Academic Shape Consultation

We’ll post further information as we receive it. And remember, this is YOUR forum. We need your ideas to survive! Please make your responses on the ‘Suggestions’ page, and thanks to those of you who’ve visited so far.

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Future of SaveDACE website and FB page?

NB – please post responses to this article via the SUGGESTIONS tab on the menu bar!

Another, and very specific question for you as we await the outcome of the University’s meetings, and final confirmation of DACE’s future. What would YOU like to see from the website and Facebook page?

There is scope for development of the existing website and FB facilities to help DACE move forward (firmly aligned with the University’s vision!)

Who should caretake the website/FB facility? Should it be left to students (difficult, and how to represent fairly and fully the whole range of courses covered?) And should the Facebook page be student-run, or revert to DACE itself as an information source?

We’d appreciate if, this week, you’d confine your suggestions to this area only, by posting on the ‘Suggestions’ tab above. Thanks, as ever, for your help and support.

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